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Taken IELTS before or preparing for the first time? Our Personalized One to One courses will help you in achieving the band score that you desire. You don’t have to worry about watching boring lectures as you will be trained LIVE by an experienced IELTS trainer ONLINE – At the time of your choice with dedicated undivided attention.

Facing one or more of the following?

  • Unable to Generate ideas in an Essay?
  • Don’t know the right vocabulary to use?
  • No idea how to start the essay and conclude it.
  • Tired of using cliche structures and not getting a good score?
  • Stuck at 6.5 Bands in Writing?
  • Fumbling a lot when speaking.
  • Unable to speak for 2 Minutes in Speaking Part 2?
  • Getting nervous in front of the examiner?
  • Not getting enough time to practice speaking?
  • Facing Time Management Issues in Reading?
  • Not getting a hold of the “True-False-Not Given” questions?
  • Anxious of missing something in Listening?

Don’t worry! We have heard these problems and many more like these hundreds of times. We have devised solutions to all of them and our trainers will train you according to your weak areas to make sure that when you take IELTS after taking our course, It is the last time you take it! 🙂


Individual Attention - Only you and a Certified IELTS Trainer in each class for effective learning.


Practical Approach - Daily Practice Exercises and adhering to IELTS assessment criteria for Writing & Speaking and helping you showcase them in your answers.


Affordable Fee Structure - The most affordable Fee structure in the world for One to One IELTS Coaching.


Flexible Timing - We conduct classes as per your availability. We respect your busy schedule and want to make learning easy for you!


Unbeatable Quality - Trainers with years of experience and training 100's of Students!

The Co-Founders of the company are British Council Certified IELTS trainers. 
We have the most authentic strategies and techniques that work!

From the actual checklist used by IELTS examiners to evaluate your essays to the basic fundamentals of how the questions are framed, we have spent years learning and researching to help you prepare effectively!

Our Courses

Different Course plans for Different Needs!


One Month IELTS Personal Training

  • Daily 1 Hour Class (One to One) – Monday to Friday.
  • Graded Mock Tests.
  • Access to all Practice Tests and Study Material
  • Covering all 4 Modules – More Focus on your Weak areas.
  • Equivalent to 5 months at a normal Offline coaching.
  • Unlimited Writing Evaluation & Correction.
  • Exclusive Access to our Video Content.
  • Course to be completed in 3 months from Date of Joining.
  • 72 Hours Money Back Refund Policy

2 Weeks Refresher Course

  • Ideal for Students with exam date approaching.
  • Focusing on ONLY the WEAK Areas or ALL 4 MODULES depending upon the needs.
  • Daily 1 Hour Class on Weekdays.
  • Every Session is a Mock Test in itself.
  • Unlimited Writing Evaluation & Correction.
  • Course to be completed in 3 months from Date of Joining.
  • 72 Hours Money Back Refund Policy

Customized Course

Based on your needs, we can customize a course for set number of days with a schedule to be followed.

Get in touch with us to help us understand your requirements better.

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Efficient, Convenient, Flexible!

Best in class Personal Training at the time of your choice right from the comfort of your home!

Strictly Following the IELTS Assessment Parameters

We do not waste your time and strictly adhere to the parameters set by IELTS and help you fulfil them in your answers.

A Team Who Cares

We work together as a family on every student to bring the best out and leave an impact in form of tremendous improvements.

Real Results – Real Students

Karan Sharma- 8777 (IELTS GT)

Prasheel – 8777 (IELTS GT)

Dr. Bright- 8 Bands (IELTS UKVI)

Manik Kukkar- 9987 (IELTS GT)

Aviral- 8.5 Bands (IELTS Academic)

Ishaan – 8.5 Bands (IELTS Academic)

Gurpal- 8777 (General Training)

Zeenia- 8777 (General Training)