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Comprehensive Course for Beginners - Prelims + Mains Preparation

Get the most expert coaching from producers of best results in the region

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Everything that you need as someone starting up the UPSC IAS Preparation in a single enriching program! From basic concept building from NCERT books to deep analysis of reference books and test series with answer writing, this program covers everything that you need as someone starting up UPSC IAS Preparation.

Lectures + Revision Study Material + 6000+ Practice MCQ’s + Test Series – All in One Course

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Why Choose Raj Malhotra's IAS Coaching in Chandigarh?

Best Results – Personal Care – Result Oriented Courses

Unlimited Doubt Clearance and Answer Evaluation.

Our faculty is available all the time at the academy to address to your doubts and also evaluate as many answers as you write and in fact we encourage students to come with as many doubts and answers as they want.

Comprehensive and updated Study Material

The nature of exam has turned very dynamic and requires you to be updated with all the latest happening and dimensions around them. We make sure that our course content and study material is updated every day to match the UPSC standards.

Rational Batch Strength

IAS Exam classes are very comprehensive and require individual attention. We don’t allow batches more than 45-55 students.

Best Results in the Region

We are proud to claim that we are producing the best results in the region from past 3 consecutive years.

IAS Coaching in Chandigarh- Raj Malhotra's IAS Coaching Academy.

Get the most expert coaching from producers of best results in the region. Get personalized attention and support to help you succeed:

Course Options as per your needs

If you are a beginner, we have comprehensive and integrated courses for you and if you are an experienced candidate looking for specialized courses for individual phases of the exam, we have options to cater to your needs too.

Comprehensive Course for Beginners - Prelims + Mains Preparation

If you are a beginner, this course is for you. This will cover everything for you from scratch to the end.

Individual Prelims or Mains Courses

The individual Prelims course or the Individual Mains course caters to the needs of aspirants looking forward to work on particular strengths and weaknesses.

Integrated Preparation for UPSC and State Civil Services Exams

This course does not only train you to write the UPSC exam but also trains you upon the needs and requirements of the state civil services exams like PCS/HAS/HCS.

UPSC Exam is not a Joke

Can you prepare for it in just 2-3 months?

Every year, more than 2 Lakh serious aspirants appear for the Prelims exam after putting their careers, lives, financials and so much at stake. With them, appear the candidates who have already cleared the exam last year and with them are the veterans who have been preparing since years. Despite this, UPSC is throwing bouncers every year that blows away all of them.

Topper's Testimonials

UPSC IAS 2018 - Topper's Testimonials - Rank 6,15,19,22,41,85 & 300

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40% PCS 2018 Officers from Raj Malhotra's IAS!.

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Listen From Our Students!

Raj Malhotra's IAS Academy follows a practical approach to civil services preparation. Thanks for the right guidance.
Harman Hans
Raj sir's way of teaching is engaging! I could solve so many questions directly from class notes!
I am Thankful to Raj Sir for the guidance he provided throughout my preparation.
Rank 6 - IAS 2018
Shubham Gupta
I learnt History from Raj sir and I still remember each and everything he taught in the classes using his innovative tactics, jokes and storytelling. Thank you sir.
Rank 19 - IAS 2018
Harpreet Singh
I am thankful to Raj sir. His way of teaching is really unique and attending the classes feels like a story more than a boring lecture.
Rank 22 - IAS 2018
Diksha Jain
I have been watching the videos since day 1 of my preparation and I owe my interview success to Raj sir and his personal guidance.
Rank 26 - IAS 2018
Himanshu Nagpal
I met Raj sir in Delhi and his guidance has been pivotal throughout my preparation journey. I couldn’t have cleared IAS exam for the 2nd time if I had not met sir.
Rank 37 - IAS 2018
Ankur Kaushik
From the basic NCERTs to the test series and interview guidance, Raj Malhotra’s IAS has been a pillar in my success! You can’t get the personal attention anywhere the way you get it here.
Rank 41 - IAS 2018
Alok Kumar
Raj Malhotra’s IAS simply means Energy. The energy that you need to clear the IAS exam. You get everything needed here under one roof. Really thankful for the constant support.
Rank 86 - IAS 2018
Ayushi SIngh
The infrastructure, the faculty, the study material, everything is top notch. There is no academy across India that does so much for students which Raj IAS does. Thank you!
Rank 300 - IAS 2018
Arpit Gupta

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Our Expert With Over 19 Years Of Experience In IAS Coaching


Mr. Raj Malhotra

Director & founder

We, as a group of highly committed individuals take a lot of pride in assisting bright young aspirants in achieving their dream by providing a platform to mentor students in the best possible way at every point in their preparation.

After years of research, our team has developed a course-structure that ensures that the students study the concerned subjects along with developing the administrative traits, techniques and soft-skills necessary to succeed in the civil services examination.

Our guidance programme emphasizes on skill development so that our students are trained to use their resources optimally and emerge victorious in this examination as well as in every challenge of life.

Our lectures are designed in a way that it chips off the dirt and grit, which then enables a student to become an aspirant.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, it is just a myth that coaching is required to crack the exam. Self-study is also enough for the preparation. But the real difference that coaching institutes bring is boosting your preparation with proper mentorship. A good teacher knows how to put your efforts in the right direction and get the maximum result with minimum efforts. Also, the study material provided by the coaching institutes saves the time you’ll usually spend taking notes. When the syllabus that you have to cover is as extensive as the UPSC’s, every minute is precious. So, enrolling in a coaching institute can cut that extra work from your routine and you can solely focus on your ultimate aim.

A: Honestly, there is no difference that you’ll notice. The coaching institutes in Delhi are popular only because of the number of students that relocate to Delhi just for the sake of following the crowd. It is simple math that if the number of students is higher in Delhi then obviously the number of selections will be higher too. For example, if you have, say, 10,000 students applying for 100 posts and 9000 of those students take coaching from a particular place, then obviously the probability of a student getting selected from that institute is high.
Now the point comes that why IAS coaching institutes in Chandigarh are not popular? The biggest issue is the mentality of students. Even though IAS coaching in Chandigarh will provide the same outcome because the faculty here is also experienced and the study material is competent. Also, a big advantage of joining and institute in Chandigarh is that the size of the batch is smaller thus you get a better chance to interact with the teacher directly.
So, the students need to stop following the crowd and take the decisions that are actually beneficial for them.

A: The syllabus of UPSC is so extensive that it covers the concepts of every other exam. If you take a closer look at the syllabus of state-level Civil Services exams and UPSC CSE, you’ll notice how everything is more or less the same. The only significant difference is that the PCS exams focus more on the topics related to a particular state. For example, the questions in the exam for Punjab Public Civil Sevices will feature more questions based on the history, geography, politics, economy, etc. of Punjab. So, you’ll have to give more attention to attain the knowledge of the state you want to apply for. But a look at the broader picture will give you an idea that preparation for UPSC CSE covers every aspect of these exams too.

A: We offer multiple courses according to the requirements of the aspirants of the IAS exam in Chandigarh. There are regular classes for one year program, weekend classes and early morning classes for two year program, and a three-year course integrated with graduation. Each batch includes a fundamental NCERT course, GS preparation, test series, and our curated study material to cater to your UPSC needs.

A: The fee for our one and two-year programs (Including weekend and early morning classes) is 1,16,000 which can be paid in 4 easy installments. For the three year course integrated with graduation, the fee is 1,35,000 which can be paid in yearly installments of 45,000. If you wish to pay in installments though, pre-dated checks are required for payment.

A: Yes. Raj Malhotra’s IAS Study Group is a pioneer in Chandigarh in delivering high-quality online coaching classes for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Just like our classroom IAS coaching in Chandigarh, our online UPSC coaching course also features NCERT fundamentals,  GS preparation, test series, and our curated study material. You’ll never feel left out with our online coaching classes. This course is one year long.

A: The videos of lectures are uploaded to our study portal after every class in the regular classroom course. Even after the course is over, you get access to these videos for revision. All the study material books are posted to your address and delivered within 10 days. Similarly, the test series are also conducted online through our study portal. So, you don’t feel any difference in the classroom and online course.

A: The students enrolled in our classroom courses can request their teachers anytime to clear their doubts. Unlike other IAS coaching institutes in Chandigarh, we don’t believe in organizing special doubt removal sessions. We know that if a student has a doubt, it should be cleared right at the moment. That’s why our teachers are available 24/7 to attend the problems faced by students.
But it’s not limited to classroom courses only, our students enrolled in an online coaching course have all the contact details of the teachers. They can contact them by phone or email and clarify their doubts without any hesitation. We are committed to our promise being the best IAS coaching institute in Chandigarh and beyond.

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