Plastic is KILLING US

And we can hardly do anything to control the crisis


We have developed a commercial scale technology

that converts Plastic Waste into Power

and we are crowdfunding it to take it to the world.

The U.K. is phasing out coal and retiring existing power plants by 2025. The collective transition to 100% renewable energy is undeniable. There is a great need environmentally, ethically and economically to change.

PGP and its technology partner, Reliagen Holdings Ltd, are developing three sites for proven, commercially viable recycling and energy generation projects, requiring additional development funding to complete project financing for Round 1’s three sites’ delivery and fee generation.

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How do we tackle the challenge?

Plastic Recycling to Power

The initial mechanical process will automatically sort and grade waste materials to enable higher quantities of efficient recycling.

High-grade plastics are separated and recycled. These materials are then able to be reused with a huge environmental benefit.

We aim to achieve at least a 3x improvement on the existing 9% average of plastic recycling.

Energy Generation

We’ve found a new use for waste plastic and powering gas peaking power plants to generate energy. This system already has significant environmental savings compared to coal and oil. Through gasification of non-recyclable waste plastic residue, we’re creating low carbon, stable electricity supply in flexible energy generation. A market that’s forecast to grow 310% over the next fifteen years.

Investor Opportunities

Plastic Green Power has identified and agreed terms for three sites to develop recycling and energy generation projects. These projects require seed funding to reach financial close. The initial projects are forecast to be commercially viable, today, and are subject to commercial and technical due diligence and funding required to reach financial close.

Numbers Speak

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UK plastics recycled
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pots, tubs and trays captured for recycled
0 %
total plastics produced recycled
0 %
plastics recovered via incineration not recycled

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